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In 1972, Forrest "Woody" Rohrbach purchased George W. Gyer, Concrete Contractor from his employer of twelve years. At the time Woody's primary concern was whether there would be enough concrete work in the future to support his young family. The company was renamed F. A. Rohrbach Concrete Contractor. In those days, Woody often joked that on proposals the "F" stood for Forrest, but when the bill collectors called it stood for Frances, Woody's wife. But by the early 1980's, business began to expand rapidly. During this period Woody and Frances' sons, Stephen and James, began putting in their time and sweat by typing payroll checks and paying bills after school or working in the trenches during the summer months.

Upon graduating from Bloomsburg University, Stephen joined the business full-time in 1987. With his financial background, he ran financial ratios and capital acquisition plans. His boldest plan was the recommended purchase of a slipform paver. Woody, not wanting to discourage his starry eyed son, reluctantly agreed. The paver was the first to be owned and operated by a Lehigh Valley firm, and proved to be a huge success increasing the production and quality of the company. Joining the business in 1990, also with a Bloomsburg degree, James (better known as Chip) provided a much needed focus on marketing and public relations. His plans expanded the new market created by the paver and increased market share to an estimated 80% on new curb construction.

In April, 1997, the company celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. At the gala celebration, Woody announced his appointment of Stephen as president of the concrete construction division. While no one believed for a minute that Woody would immediately retire, it has marked the beginning of the transition. Currently, the family is focused on maintaining a competitive advantage as it progresses to a mature business in a tough industry. Woody's credo of "Better Work by FAR" has been the formula for years of success and is the foundation for the blueprint of the future.

Celebrating over 40 years in the Lehigh Valley construction, F. A. Rohrbach has seen many changes to the industry. But, integrity and ethics still remain a strong part of the Rohrbach family’s business model. Stephen and Chip continue to helm the company with the same leadership skills they were taught growing up. Woody has retired from the day-to-day operations of the company, but still keeps an active hand in reviewing the final product put forth by the company.

F. A. Rohrbach, Inc. continues to stand for a quality product placed in a professional manner. We are so confident in our service we will put our name on our final product. “Better Work by F.A.R.” is not just a slogan, it’s our name.