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At F.A. Rohrbach, Inc., our objective on every project is to provide the proper blend of craftsmanship and equipment which will yield superior results at a value to our customers. To attain this consistently, we have initiated training and certification programs for our forty plus merit shop craftsmen, including American Concrete Institute Flatwork Finisher Certification and an apprenticeship program certified by the National Center for Construction Education and Research.

We have established a Quality Incentive Program (QIP) whereby bonuses are paid to all employees, managerial or labor, skilled or unskilled, for quality performance. Additionally, our customers are asked to provide an appraisal of our performance at the completion of each project to determine where we have exceeded or fallen short of expectations. The employees of F.A. Rohrbach, Inc. are very proud of the quality of construction that has become synonymous with our motto "Better work by FAR."