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 Code of Conduct

As a Project Manager/Project Estimator for F.A. Rohrbach, Inc., I recognize that my conduct with the client and/or vendor may be the first such contact with our company and such conduct is vitally important to the company meeting its goals and objectives. Further, as with the mission statement of our company, the values of quality, accountability and integrity shall be forefront in my presentation of bids and representation of F. A. Rohrbach, Inc.

Quality: I shall prepare my bids and proposals with the highest quality standard. The proposal, and the bid within it, shall be inclusive of the scope of work requirements as requested by the client. The computation of the bid price shall be consistent with our Pricing Policy and shall not be padded. The format shall clearly indicate this scope of work as well as a clear re-numeration of quantities of items being bid. Furthermore, any exceptions, exclusions or conditions shall be clearly defined.

Accountability: Having prepared a quality bid and proposal, I shall be prepared to engage in a contract on behalf of F.A. Rohrbach, Inc. knowing that the client has relied on my presentation for his/her decision-making. Unless the client has changed the conditions presented within our proposal, it shall be unacceptable to withdraw a proposal following submission of the bid. Furthermore, with regards to vendors and subcontractors, I shall maintain the privacy of their proposals/quotes.

Integrity: I shall conduct myself with the highest degree of integrity at all times and shall not knowingly violate the letter or spirit of anti-trust laws. The practices of bid shopping, whereby the client entices us or our competitors to lower bids based upon an apparent low bid, reverse auctioning, whereby a client bid shops in an open format, and bid peddling, whereby prices are voluntarily lowered after bid day based upon an apparent low bid, are all unethical, unfair and shall not be practiced with clients or vendors/subcontractors. The only acceptable means of changing a bid price is by changing the scope of work or by negotiating the conditions of the proposal. Furthermore, pricing information shall not be exchanged with competitors and the solicitation or submission of complimentary bids shall not be acceptable. Not only are such exchanges unethical, they are illegal and can carry grave implications for the company.