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F. A. Rohrbach Adds Modular Concrete Block Retaining Walls to their Repertoire

During the winter of 2002, F. A. Rohrbach, Inc. , a concrete construction company from Allentown PA, tried their hands at a different product for retaining walls. Where they would normally use concrete for a retaining wall, F. A. Rohrbach used an interlocking block system. The walls are made up of 18"x8" textured mortar blocks that interlock and are secured with fiberglass pins for a durable, versatile and attractive finished product.

The Borough of Slatington had an interlocking block retaining wall designed into the plans for the East Church Street project. After F. A. Rohrbach was awarded the concrete site work, they decided to look with in the company for means to place the wall system. The retaining wall is 90 feet long and ranges in height from four to nine feet. To build the wall, Rohrbach excavated the site, prepared the stone base for the interlocking 100 lb blocks, placed the geogrid soil reinforcement to contain earth behind the blocks, and backfilled after the installation was complete. The entire job was completed with in two weeks. Stephen Rohrbach, president, states, "We are excited to add this product to our existing services. We can now provide a complete package of all the retaining wall structures to our customers." Interlocking blocks come in several colors including the light gray used for the 300 block of Church Street project and is comparable in price to the concrete retaining wall. For more information, contact Mark Emswiler with F. A. Rohrbach, Inc. at (610) 820-3888.