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For years now our company motto has been "Better Work by FAR." In the current business climate of the construction industry, this motto is more important to our family business today than ever before. To our longtime customers, "Better Work by FAR" not only refers to our efforts toward quality concrete construction and materials, but also our family's commitment to integrity and accountability. Since the founding of his business, Woody Rohrbach has actively cultivated a relationship with customers, vendors and competitors that is based on mutual respect and goes a step beyond "business as usual".

As you travel through our web site, we hope you will gain a glimpse of the unique family tradition that is associated with our business and translates into "Better Work by FAR" for our customers.

Allentown Arts WalkBetter Work by Far
The Allentown Arts Walk is a revitalization plan, envisioned by the Allentown Parking Authority, which incorporates a multifunctional corridor designed to connect visual and performing arts venues.
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In 1972, Forrest "Woody" Rohrbach purchased George W. Gyer, Concrete Contractor from his employer of twelve years.
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F. A. Rohrbach builds Arts Walk